Adam Gregory Interview

Adam Gregory
Thank you for taking the time to talk to us tonight.
Adam Gregory: No problem.

Even now when you have a recording contract and will begin a big tour, you still have time to attend a regular high school class?
Yes, I have. I go to Jasper Place High School. It is here in Edmonton. I'm as normal as any teenager at any time. It's just that I have been singing as my career.

What grade are you in?
I'm in 10th grade.

Do you still think you have difficulty keeping up with the music while you have schoolwork to do?
No, not really because I spend a lot of time on homework, then I spend the rest of the school projects. It works really well.

What is your favorite subject?
My favorite subject? I have to say math.

Many country music singer begins with country music, but then they write some other songs that are pop. Do you think that you will write such songs?
Yes, I actually did a remix on my second single, a pop version.

Has it been release?
It is played on Power 92 and a few other stations. I do not remember them all, but they play it really and we think it's great fun!

Yes, it sounds really great!
But I will always continue with country music. I'll never change my roots. The reason I did a pop song was to reach out to more people.

What would you say your greatest source of inspiration is so far?
I have to say when I was in Nashville last summer. I had the opportunity to sing with Vince Gill and Rodney Coral, and it was really an experience.

Every place I've been to is worth remembering.

Wow! Were you nervous when Vince came into the room?
I was completely beside myself! We went down the building and Vince stood there and he is approximately 190cm. He is very long. And he looked at us and smiled, "Hey man." He is a very nice guy.

Many of our readers may not have heard about Adam Gregory is. How would you describe yourself in three words?
I'm a country singer, I'm 15 and I live in Edmonton.

Have you always lived in Edmonton?
I've lived in Edmonton all my life, 15 years.

Do you live in the middle of Edmonton's center or do you live in the suburbs?
We actually live in the west of Edmonton.

I actually live just outside Toronto. I can imagine that it is a bit the same about urban life...
Yes. We have been in Toronto type 12 times already!

Do you like it?
Yes, it's like a second home for us.

Do you feel safe there?
I feel very safe.

Adam Gregory

You have already released a few singles from your CD and it has done well. Do you think you will release one more?
We keep on thinking of one. No Vacancy—it is the third track on the disc. It's going to be the third single.

How do you decide that? Is it just that the fans seem to like the song or do you decide in advance the order of the singles to be released?
Some of it comes from what fans like, but between me and Sony, it is fifty-fifty. I may pick a song and the song I choose is usually the one they have set as the first place or second place, so it wont go well.

So it tends to go fifty-fifty with them?

Are you nervous about their upcoming tour with The Wilkinsons?
I can hardly wait! It will be a challenge as I will not have my family with me, but we have a close family friend, Taylor Reins, who will be involved this time.

Are you an only child?
I actually have a big sister. She is 18.

Which of your shows are most worth remembering?
Every place I've been on is worth remembering. The audience, the applause and all that. To feel the strength from the audience coming back to's very cool!

Has it ever happened something really embarrassing during a show?
When I sang at the YTV Achievement Awards (YAA) press conference, the strap holding up my guitar went off and the guitar broke. It was a rather embarrassing moment, but I still did pretty good I think.

How does it feel to be called a teenage heartthrob?
Well, it's weird that people think so. (Laughs) I understand that in any case not.

You are probably too down-to-earth to let fame get to your head.
I'm just myself and my family love me for who I am. It's pretty cool that people think I'm a heartthrob though.

I wonder if the girls in your school who saw you before you were on TV and didn't care now say "I've seen him in the corridors ..."
Yes, I think they care about me much more than they did before. (Laughs) Now they are probably around and say "I know him!"

How would you say to your future look like? What will you do in a year?
In a year I would like to travel and just do what I always do: sing! I will sing as long as I live. Whatever happens, I will always sing.

I read that you plan to go to Europe.
That would be a dream to go there. Vi var där när jag var runt sex. We were there when I was about six. We were on vacation. It was my grandparents, my parents, my sister and me. It was the first time we were there and I would really like to go back there.

I can imagine if Sony said "We're going to Europe." You wouldn't hesitate for a minute.
That would be really cool!


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